Why You Need To Belong to a Church

Why You Need To Belong to a Church

One of the viral posts circulating the social media channels today is a story about a new pastor who dressed like a beggar. No one in his church minded him except to tell him to sit at the back of the church while the service was ongoing.

Much to the surprise of many, when he was being called to the front to be introduced to the congregation, everyone was stunned. There was the beggar, standing before them one second, their worship leader the next. But, as the pastor pointed out, there should not have been a difference in treatment.

The pastor read from Mathew 25: verses 31 to 46, which left many crying after he finished reading the verses. He also ended the service immediately after saying, “Today, I see a gathering of people, not a church of Jesus Christ.”

If you attend church because of a sense of obligation or habit, you missed the whole point of church. The church, like Mount Bethel Ministries, is a place to come home to. It’s something to celebrate because history tells us that in the early days of the church, it was life-threatening to be seen inside a church. Today, the church is all about open arms, ready smiles, and warm hearts.

Why You Need To Belong to a Church

There are at least 5 reasons why you should want to belong to a church in the true sense of the term.

First of all, in a church you are given the right and privilege to focus on what is important: worshipping the Lord. The ambience and stillness the church can provide is unbeatable and hard to find anywhere else. Have you been to the church even on weekdays? It’s a place you can run to when you are feeling low or depressed or you need some encouragement. And you don’t have to be around people to find what you need; you just need to feel the presence of the Lord – and all will be better.

Second, your faith grows stronger once you belong to a church because you become invested in its goals, services, and people. You will feel an urgency to read the Bible, talk to members of the church, volunteer your time, and relish the friendships you will find. All these are designed to help you become stronger as a Christian – being with the people who are ready to support and encourage your spiritual journey.

Third, a church will help you face your problems. You will become courageous. Any discouragement or sadness you have to face is easier when you have church family because you need to understand that being a Christian means learning to lean on others and allowing others to lean on you.

Fourth, being in a church family will steer you in the right direction. If you are unsure of what God wants for you, the church family can help you discover your purpose in life. Moreover, there are less chances of straying away if you stay connected with your church family.

Finally, it’s a real home so the sense of belonging you will enjoy is real. Don’t you feel at home when you are in your church? This is how it should be whether there are 100 people or you are all alone in the chapel. This is where you find peace, love, and worthy relationships.


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